Bell UH-1N (Huey) helicopter

sophisticated heli mod which includes lots of features:
– a realistic flight model, including loss of lift in incorrect flight conditions (vortex-ring state)
– multiple autopilot modes
– system alarms
– configurable helicopter fuel, cargo , passengers and ammunition
– working machine gun in gunner seat, producing actual damage on a number of outerra characters, boats, vehicles and objects
– drop-off soldiers and cargo in the scenery when landed ( no pick-up yet)
– searchlight for landing and gunner for night operations
– realistic huey sound
– advanced camera system with explorable cabin, fly-by and ground cameras
– clickable cockpit for instruments and door opening (so far working only when on ground or in stationary hover)

    the download includes four files
    – the huey mod which will install into fly77 user package folder. Just click on the self-installing otx file
    – a modified crate and a modified swat character that need to be placed in outerra root folder into Anteworld/packages/marco folder
    – a new version of my old bullet mod to be placed in outerra root folder into Anteworld/packages/outerra folder
    If you don’t have that Anteworld/packages/marco folder create it and place the crate and swat folders inside
    So the complete path for these two files will be Anteworld/packages/marco/swat and Anteworld/packages/marco/crate
    – bullet: place it in Anteworld/packages/outerra overwriting any exisiting bullet folder (which is just my older version of it, so don’t worry you will not damage any outerra files)

v1.00 (December 26, 2020)

  • Initial release.
  • Simon ‘bomber’ Morley : JSBSIM flight model
  • Helijah: 3D model (CC_BY) from blendswap blendswap
Name Size Extension Description Downloads 18.1 MB .zip Contains “bullet”, “crate” and “swat” folders. 29

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