m1a2 abrams tank mod

This new upgrade compatible only with the 64 bit version of outerra includes
-onscreen tank icon for tank state info
-internal and external view tank gunsight
-help menu & key reference
-configurable ammunition
-better explosions
-damage on objects
-destructible buildings

for detailed instruction of commands see forum post and instruction videos.

It’s my pleasure to share here with you my upgraded abrams m2a1 tank mod including lot’s of new features, making it much more useable and fun, allmost ready for battle :

It includes a completely revised shooting animation, new custom fire and explosion sounds as well as smoke during firing and impact.
The tank gun can be set to autolevelling to keep a constant firing distance while driving on rough terrain.
Simulation of gun recoil is also included
Moreover for greater realism shooting is enabled only after switching on “master-arm”.
You can also set the tank to “autoshooting” mode so that you can exit the tank and experimento what it feels to get hit by a tank shell !
The tank’s machine gun is now active for shooting as well.

Different camera views are added, including internal driver, commander and ammunition loader views as well as 2 turret views and 2 external views
Turret and driver hutches can now be opened/closed.
I also added lights for driving, internal lights and turret lights.
Finally the tank driving sound was upgraded.

The download contains:
The tank mod otx file abrams-tank-2021-upgrade.otx
plus zipped version of
The plugin file fly77_plugin.dll
Four folders: “fly77”, “outerra”, “marco” , “evaporable”
Unzip the folders fly77, fly77_plugin,outerra, marco and evaporable

Important note:
before installing verify wether you have installed any of my previous versions of the tank or not and in case uninstall them (steps 1 below) to avoid any problems with the tank installation.
Note: if you skip the steps in 1) the new installation should still work but it potentially contributes to generate confusion, especially if you try to use distructible buildings.
Plus in case something goes wrong it will be harder to find the cause as you will have both new and old versions of some stuff.

So if you have any of my previous abrams tank versions installed (recognizable by its fly77 icon in the F3 menu) proceed as follows

1) remove my old version files of the fly77 abrams tank
to do so:
– remove global_variables_plugin.dll form the Anteworld/plugin folder in case you have it
(its my previous version of my plugin so don’t worry ..you can safely remove it, you won’t remove any outerra system files)
if you have them
– remove box1x1 , box2x1 , box4x1, box8x1 , wall , window from Anteworld/packages/outerra folder
– remove box-set , wall , window from Anteworld/packages/marco/box-set
– remove abrams_m1a2_fly77, box-set , wall , window from ..userfolder../Outerra/packages/fly77

2) install the new version as follows:
copy fly77_plugin.dll into Anteworld/plugin folder
copy paste (and in case, accept overwrite) missile3, flare , bullet , box1x1 , box2x1 , box4x1 , box8x1 , wall, window into Anteworld/packages/outerra folder
(its my previous version so don’t worry ..you can safely overwrite it)
copy paste box1x1 , box2x1 , box4x1 , box8x1 , wall, window into Anteworld/packages/marco folder
copy paste box1x1 , box2x1 , box4x1 , box8x1 , wall, window into user ..userfolder../Outerra/packages/fly77 folder
copy paste (and in case accept overwrite) into Anteworld/packages/evaporable (its my previous version so don’t worry ..you can safely overwrite it)

3) click on self-installing abrams-tank-2021-upgrade.otx

4) Final step : One more key is used in this upgrade, used to show/hide the tank icon in left-bottom of the screen. To set up this key:
in outerra keybinding menu (F12) search for “approach” and associate “U” key to air/Autopilot/approach
(for more info see forum post)

v2.0 (January 21, 2021)

  • Corrected gun autoleveling and internal light intensity.

v1.02 (March 24, 2020)

  • better explosions
  • configurable ammunition
  • destructable buildings
  • internal view tank gunsight
  • damage on objects
  • help menu & key reference
  • flak shooting at the tank

v1.01 (March 03, 2019)

  • Corrected gun autoleveling and internal light intensity.

v1.00 (March 02, 2019)

  • Initial release.
  • fly77
Name Size Extension Description Downloads
fly77.zip 719.0 KB .zip supporting files for destructible buildings 49
marco.zip 607.1 KB .zip supporting files for destructible buildings 56
outerra.zip 4.2 MB .zip essential supporting files for tank 59
evaporable.zip 1.8 MB .zip supporting files for damageable objects 54
fly77_plugin.zip 866.4 KB .zip essential component file for tank 63
bullet.zip 173.3 KB .zip needed for proper functioning of the mod 75
tank-ammunition.zip 1.5 MB .zip needed for proper functioning of the mod 70

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