Legran car radio

Bruckel-Legran 1884 pack of 1Wildhyena upgraded with embedded music playing car-radio

It includes a playlist of 100 preloaded royalty free songs, which you can substitute or expand.
Just drop your music files into the created “packages/fly77/1984 – 1988 Bruckell LeGran/mymusic” folder.
the only requirement is that the music files are .ogg mono format.
To rapdidly batch convert any music files to ogg mono you can use
free online audio converting services like

Don’t forget in outerra key binding menu (F12) to search for “approach” and associate the “U” key to this entry !

U : radio on
shift K : show/hide radio UI
pgup/pgdwn : change music volume
. (period key) next song (random shuffle)
O : open car window
P, shift P : change music pitch
ctrl + T : playlist menu
arrows up/dwn: to switch among songs
left mouse button : to select song
note that a selected song in the playlist will continue to play untill you press twice the . key which resumes random shuffle of songs

c : default outerra external follow cameras
v : driver view / external fixed ground camera view (drive-by)
H : increase drive-by camera range
J : decrease drive-by camera range
arrows : moving around the camera freely inside and outside the cabin
numpad +/- : to zoom in/out camera (useful in drive-by camera mode and eventually in drivers seat)

– click on the legran-car-radio2021.otx self-installing file
– drop the fly77-plugin.dll file into Anteworld/plugins folder and accept overwrite my old version of the fly77-plugin.dll if you already have it. Any new version is backward compatible
– Don’t forget in outerra key binding menu (F12) to search for “approach” and associate the “U” key to this entry !
The mod appears as “1984 – 1988 Bruckell LeGran” with a fly77 icon in the F3 menu and there a different liveries of the car.
Note that when you spawn for the first time the Legran-car-radio you will see no textures for some tens of secs. Don’t worry they reappear. This is normal and just means that it is loading the songs of the playlist .

v1.00 (January 19, 2021)

  • Base version.

v2.00 (March 29, 2021)

  • Simplified installation process.
  • 1WildHyena outerra user for providing the 3D model.
Name Size Extension Description Downloads
fly77_plugin (2).zip 978.4 KB .zip fly77-plugin needed for the mod to work 62

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