– animated oars
– water spray effects and related water sounds
– speedboat mode
– animated character (“mercenary”) rowing
– ability to carry objects (including outerra crates, barrels and any not too heavy vehicle or my wanderer)
– collides correctly with other boats or objects, including itself
– multiple boats spawned can be controlled independently from each other (setting up for example a race)
– sinkeable: sinks when pitch or roll are excessive (experiment by changing wave-state or by ramming it with another boat)
– can be moored
– catches fire and eventually sinks when hit by machine gun fire or closeby exploding bombs or missiles form my Heinkel or abrams tank mods
– several camera views including a “fly-by” view mode
– autopilot
– connect together many OldBoats head to tail
– camera zoom
– label showing status of boat (id, autopilot, sinked)

Click on self-installing OldBoat.otx

v1.00 (December 29, 2020)

  • Initial release.
  • fly77.
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